A Prayer for Light and Knowledge

O Jehovih, the Great Spirit, we ask of thee to send unto thy people the light of thy countenance.

In seeking to live according to thy will, we ask that thou grant thy servants light and knowledge.

Help us to use this light and knowledge from thine own hand to reach humanity for their progression in the truths of they words.

Help us, O Heavenly Father, to bring thy people out of Uz, so as to bring glory unto thy Holy Name and to help establish thy kingdom of righteousness on earth.

Increase our faith in thee, our Creator, for we know that only good cometh from the power of thy hands.

Your plans are like promises, for thy word goeth forth and never fails.

Praise be unto thee, O Father Jehovih, praise unto thee. Amen.

(See Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth 1:3-4, 12,13)