Coronet of Light

We are incredibly blessed to recently have the presence of the World Teacher instruct us in a new, and wonderful gift, known as the “Coronet of Light.” On 20 October 2015, the World Teacher made his presence known, along with numerous celestial beings, to a small community of believers to give instructions in how to make and pray this Coronet or prayer rope.

He said, in part, “Anyone who prays this Coronet diligently and with perfect faith and knowledge, with a clean heart and with clean hands, may walk with me in the Light. I will stand beside the man, woman or child who prays this under these guidelines.”

The laity and clergy have been instructed to pray the Coronet at least on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. One of the celestial beings revealed to us that, “There is a special blessing for those who pray this Coronet each day.” Faithists will be striving to recite the Coronet daily, but where this is not possible, it is permissible to recite this on the prescribed days.

Total of 40 beads or knots (not counting separators or special embellishments)

3 beads – for the Creator, the Great Spirit, the Almighty.
3 beads – for the I AM, the Heavenly Father, the Highest Cause.
5 beads – for Five Perfections
12 beads – for Twelve Virtues of Faithism
10 beads – for Ten Faithist Commandments
1 bead – for the Joshu Prayer
3 beads – for Eolin, E-OH-IH, Eloih
3 beads – for Egoquim, Ormazd, the One whom none can attain forever

How to Pray with the Coronet of Light

On the first bead, recite: “Praise Jehovih, the Creator.”

On the second bead, recite: “Praise Jehovih, the Great Spirit.”

On the third bead, recite: “Praise Jehovih, the Almighty.”

On the fourth bead, recite: “Praise Jehovih, the I AM.”

On the fifth bead, recite: “Praise Jehovih, the Heavenly Father.”

On the sixth bead, recite: “Praise Jehovih, the Highest Cause.”

On each of the next five beads, recite one of the Five Perfections. Before beginning, say:

“There are Five Perfections – that is,

1) Perfect Reason,

2) Perfect Mind,

3) Perfect Intelligence,

4) Perfect Thought and

5) Perfect Understanding.

Then say, “These are taught to us by the Angelic Emissaries.”

On the next twelve beads, we recite the Twelve Virtues (one Virtue per bead).

1) I will learn to find Jehovih in all things, and to love and glorify Him.

2) I will cultivate the virtue of Cleanliness.

3) I will abstain from eating any fish, or flesh, or any other unclean thing.

4) I will cultivate the virtue of Industry.

5) I will cultivate the virtue of Labour.

6) I will cultivate the virtue of Abnegation of the self.

7) I will cultivate the virtue of Love.

8) I will cultivate the virtue of Discretion.

9) I will cultivate the virtue of System and Order.

10) I will cultivate the virtue of Observance.

11) I will cultivate the virtue of Discipline.

12) I will cultivate the virtue of Obedience.

Then recite one of the 10 Faithist Commandments for each of the following 10 beads:

1. I will keep the Ten Commandments of Moses.

2. I will not not engage in war, nor shall I encourage or assist in the making of war in any way; I vow to be obedient unto all governments as long as they do not break the Law of Jehovih.

3. As far as I am able I will not eat the flesh of any animal, or fish, or bird, or fowl, or creeping thing which Jehovih created alive.

4. I will live dwell in families, after the manner of the ancient Essenes, who held all things in common; I will have only one spouse; the children shall honour the parents. And, to the extent that I am able, to wed only with the chosen*.

5. I will have no king nor queen in Corpor, nor bow down in worship to any. My worship is only to Jehovih.

6. I will not call on the name of angels to worship them, nor will I counsel with them on the affairs of the earth.

7. I will love my neighbor as myself, and do unto my fellow man or woman,as I would have him do unto me, returning good for evil, and demonstrating pity to those who sin.

8. I will not worship any idol; I will only worship Jehovih.

9. I will visit the sick and distressed, the helpless and the infirmed, and I will work to relieve their suffering; I will provide for the widow and the orphan, and I will strive to keep myself above reproach before all people.

10. I will preserve the sacred days of the rabbahs, and the rites and ceremonies of the brotherhood.

On the next single bead or knot, recite the Joshu Prayer:

“Jehovih, who rules in heaven and earth, hallowed be Your name, and revered amongst men and women. Sufficient unto me is my daily bread; and, as much as I forgive those who trespass against me, forgive me, and make me steadfast, to shun temptation, for all honor and glory are Yours, worlds without end. Amen!”

On the next three beads, recite, as you did on the first three.

On the last three beads, recite as you did on the second set of three.

Take a few minutes to contemplate these prayers. Repeat if you wish.

No instructions were provided concerning particular colours or size of beads, however, you might wish to use a unique colour for the first bead to easily know where to begin the prayers. The black bead only serves to separate the beginning and end of the chain. You can use an emblem exclusively used among Faithists like the Cross and the Maple Leaf etc.

Please report any special favours received or experiences with the Coronet of Light.

*(Chosen in this sense, means to wed a Faithist as opposed to an Uzian. It should be understood that this is not a condemnation of a Faithist who married a person outside the faith before becoming a Faithist, only a vow for those who have not yet married, to only seek marriage with a believer and to encourage this among their children and among their fellow Faithists.)

From Rabbah Rish’kahni


I pray that all the brethren make this a regular part of their daily spiritual practice, as it will assist you in getting closer to our Heavenly Father Jehovih.

There is a blessing attached to the use of the Coronet of Light, but there are additional blessings for those who pray the Coronet of Light daily, along with the following stipulations:

  1. Light a candle (electric candle is appropriate)
  2. Have pure intentions, having already confessed your transgressions
  3. Pray for the sanctification of the Creator’s Name in all the world
  4. Keep the brethren of all tribes in mind when praying the Coronet
  5. Pray for unity of all believers in Jehovih
  6. Pray for all the clergy everywhere
  7. Pray for the needs of the Association for its various outreach services

Rabbah Rish’kahni