Short Prayer for the Safe-Keeping of Rabbah Rish’kahni

Dear Heavenly Father, Jehovih {Yehovih},
we pray that you keep Rabbah Rish’Kahni,
our beloved leader of the Religion of Light,
safe from any physical, emotional, psychological
or spiritual harm.

Protect him from the evil plans of the enemy, Satan,
and provide him with the protection and guidance
of the Divine Mother, of your Divine Son, Mir Roshka,
and of your Holy Angels and Celestial Servants,
so that he may hear Your Voice, Oh Jehovih {Yehovih}, True Creator,
and that he may guide his flock, all the Children of Light,
away from the darkness of this false world
and towards the Light and Truth of your Heavenly Abode.

— Prayer composed by Kahni Shamon, personal Priest of Rabbah Rish’kahni